Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, First days Adventures

Gorton Creek

Now, for my adventures in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area.  On Sunday the 27th I left Boston early morning in the rain, arrived in Denver in rain and when I reached Portland it was cloudy and dreary.  Driving from Portland to The Dalles on the interstate, which ran along the Columbia River, there was intermittent rain, but when I reached The Dalles the the sky was clear and the sun shining.  I checked in, met my group and off we went far first afternoon of photography.  Because the weather was now so nice, I did not take any of my raingear, except for my NEOS Adventurer Overshoe, Slips over your regular shoes or boots and is 100% waterproof and depending on the size protect you up to 15 inches.  They are available from either Naturescapes or Outdoor Photo Gear, whose locations you can go to by clicking the information on the right side of the panel..  Our first stop was the Gorton River and the weather was intermittent rain.  We stood in the river and photographed the current in the rocks and all of beautiful green foliage’s and mosses that are present in a temperate rainforest.  Intermittent rain fell, but it did not bother us.

Gorton Creek

 We then hiked up to Emerald Falls, which is ten foot tall slide along Gorton Creek.  After photographing there, we left and started down the trail and the rain turned into sleet, which cover the ground, but the sleet stopped before the end of the trail.

Emerald Falls

Emerald Falls

Our next stop was over to the Washington side of the Columbia River, where we went up to the Dalles Mountain State Park to photograph the flowers and the sunset.  Arriving at the location, where there were fields of blue broad-leaf lupines and yellow arrowleaf balsamroot all blowing in the wind.  There were great clouds in the sky and we photographed until the rains came.

Sunset on Dalles Mountain with Broad-leaf Lupines

Arrowleaf Balsamroot  blowing in the wind at sunset

Now it was time for supper, after supper we returned to the hotel, downloaded the photographs from the afternoons shoot and then crash at the bed to sleep since we had to be on the road at 5 AM to photograph the sunrise.

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