The Spider and the Damselfly Plus More on the TurnStyle Sling Bag

Orb Weaving Spider

I spent a portion of last two days to an macro photography at Tamarac Park in Lakeville.  To carry my gear, I utilized Think Tank Photo’s TurnStyle 20 sling bag.  At the end of this blog, I’ll show you what equipment I brought with me.

What I find interesting about macro photography is finding new creatures and also observing the interactions between different species.

The series of photos that I am going to show reminds me of the poem by Mary Howitt, “the Spider and the Fly: a Fable” even though this is an interaction between a spider in a damselfly.  On a web in a corner a damselfly was caught and as it moved around the little spider came down, probably thank into itself a meal.  But soon as the spider came next to the damselfly, and the damselfly moved and scared the spider, who ran back up to the center of its net.  I suppose once the damselfly stops moving the spider will come back down and feed on it.

Spider thinking about the damselfly
Spider on the way back to the center of the web

Spider on the way back to the center of the web

In my TurnStyle 20 Sling Bag, I carried my Nikon D800 with a Tamron 180 mm macro lens attached, a set of extension tubes, Nikon C1 wireless close-up Speedlight system, filters, extra cards, batteries, remote release cable, lens cloths and a scissors.  In the compartment where you can place a tablet, I utilize that to carry my small reflectors.  The only other thing that I have to carry is my tripod.  The TurnStyle bag gives me freedom of movement, without the need for a photo vest.

Some of my Macro Equipment
Rear compartment configured for  camera with lens attached, extension tubes and filters
Rear compartment with wireless ring flash added, front compartment with everything else
Tablet compartment with reflector
TurnStyle Sling Bag ready to go

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