Pontook Reservoir Berlin New Hampshire

Bald Eagle sitting on ice

Although my recent trip to New Hampshire was for mainly to capture landscapes, we did photograph some wildlife, a few birds, moose, and a red fox.  However, I did find a location that should be excellent for wildlife.  One of the days while we were in Crawford Notch and stopped to do some for photography, we met a couple who told us about a location that had Osprey, Eagles and other species of ducks.  North of Berlin New Hampshire on route 16, there is a Hydroelectric dam and behind it is reservoir, plus marshlands on both sides of the road.  We decided the next day to explore this area and agree it is a good place, both for landscape photography and for wildlife.  There were a number of species of ducks, common mergansers and wood ducks -we were only able to get pictures of the wood duck because the mergansers took off when an Eagle flew overhead.  We observed the Osprey fishing and then sorry bald Eagle, chasing an Osprey to try to get the fish that the Osprey had in its claws.

Wood Ducks


Bald Eagle


I plan again to return next spring and what my idea is to arrive by dawn, pick a location overlooking the marsh on the left side of the road (looking as you would be headed north) and set up a small stool, my tripod, camera and lens, coffee and sit and and wait and observe and hopefully capture the photographs of the various creatures that abound in the area.  The reason to be on the left side is that the sun will be over your shoulder.  If you are up in the White Mountains, this is definitely worth a trip.


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