Fort Phoenix Again plus Gooseberry

Fort Phoenix in the fog

Yesterday, we traveled down to foot Phoenix and Fairhaven to see if there were any effects from José yet at the entrance to New Bedford harbor at the hurricane barrier. Except for fog with fog horns blowing in the distance, Buzzards Bay was calm so far. I created an image of the Fort in the mist. Walking around a boulder, I found a brass plate commemorating the first naval battle of the Revolutionary War. Further information was in a previous blog about Fort Phoenix that I created in the winter

Plaque commemorating the first naval battle of the Revolutionary war


Today’s weather forecast is calling for high surface around the New Bedford harbor area paths along the shore from Newport Rhode Island to Plymouth. This activity is supposed to continue into tomorrow, so I planning on another trip actually to Gooseberry to see what the difference in the wave action compared to yesterday.

Waves crashing against the Causeway leading to Gooseberry
Waves crashing on the rocks at the end of East Beach